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Republicans Officially Nominate Mitt Romney for President

Republicans Officially Nominate Mitt Romney for President - The millionaire and former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, Tuesday (08/28/2012), officially became the presidential candidate of the Republican Party to challenge President Barack Obama petahana of the Democratic Party in the U.S. presidential election, 6 November.

The nomination was announced on the show Romney the Republican National Convention that was held in Tampa, Florida. In the announcement of preliminary election results in every state, Romney delegates gain far exceeds the minimum number of 1144 delegates needed to qualify as a candidate.

Romney won the nomination after a long and hard struggle since a few years ago. In the presidential election (election) in 2008, Romney lost the party's internal nomination process from Senator John McCain. McCain then lost to Obama in the election.

In the process of nomination for election this year, Romney has to go through tough battle against the other candidates of the Republican Party. His status as an adherent of Mormon and doubt most Republicans that Romney is less conservative could be prohibitive.

But now, all the cadres and sympathizers of conservative parties had agreed to refer to Romney as their representative in order to reclaim the throne of the White House from the hands of the Democrats.

After a Romney nomination was confirmed, his wife, Ann Romney, addressed the thousands of Republican sympathizers who gathered in Tampa. Ann is designed to give the appearance of a human to figure Romney and dismissed allegations that her husband was a millionaire within the commoners.

The human side

To bring the human image, Ann Romney told the story of his love with since high school and how their lives were sometimes encountered various difficulties like most people.

"It's been 47 years since a tall, kind, and handsome I drove home from our first dance. Not every day since it was easy for us. But he still makes me laugh. You can trust Mitt, he loves America, "said Ann, who insists her husband is a man who" could not fail ".

After Ann, performing Chris Christie, Governor of the State of New Jersey, known charismatic. Christie is not a frontal attack Obama in his speech. Instead, he tried to contrast the approach taken by the Republicans and Democrats in handling the swelling national debt.

Events convention is a tradition in the world of politics in the U.S.. Implementation of the Republican National Convention this year shortened from four days to three days after the first day canceled on Monday, fearing a disturbance Hurricane Isaac.

Democratic Party itself will hold a convention next week in Charlotte, State of North Carolina. While waiting for the convention, President Obama held a campaign tour of the three states that have a lot of floating voters, namely Iowa, Colorado, and Virginia.

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